Big Sioux River
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The Big Sioux River, located in eastern South Dakota,  and NW Iowa, is 390 miles long, starting from its source in Roberts County S.D. , three miles north and two miles west of Summit. Get map info at:
The river was first mapped by French explorers in 1688, but detailed, accurate mapping did not occur until the great astronomer and cartographer, Joseph Nicolett,( along with his assistant, the famed John C. Fremont, mapped the area in detail in 1839. The book by Martha Bray, Joseph Nicollet and His Map. 1994, has details of Nicolette's adventure and copies of his famous maps. For more info on the book, go to:

Source of the Big Sioux

Photos on these pages were all taken by Mick Zerr.( A description of the item, location, date, etc.  accompany each photo, if possible.)

1 Falls of the Big Sioux River

Falls of the Big Sioux River  was taken in the autumn of 1995 facing ESE toward the falls on the Big Sioux River at Falls Park in Sioux Falls, SD.This photo, and all the others on this internet site are (Copyright 2002 Mick Zerr)  For more info on Falls Park, go to:

2 Panoramic view of Falls from East side of river

3 Big Sioux falls in winter from west side of river.

If you are interested in South Dakota in World War II, go to these sites or          
These sites offers information on S.D. WWII hero collector cards. See examples below.

Hero cards 19 and 20

4 Summer Falls

5 Close up of the Falls

The Falls close up offer spray and mist as well as the roar of millions of gallons of water falling over three stories.

6 Lower Falls