Big Sioux River
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Below are scenes on the Big Sioux River.

1 Big Sioux River Panographic

2 Dandelion Spring along the Big Sioux (1995)

3 Summer Sky along the Big Sioux

4 Fall Tree Canopy (the river is 30 feet to the left of the edge of the photo)

5 Fall Gold - looking Southeast

6 Leaves on the Water (Photo is of river 30 feet to the left of photo #4

7 Spring Sky The River is behind the trees in the background looking northeast

8 Gitchi Manitou State Preserve, along the Big Sioux on the Iowa/S.D. border.

The Big Sioux River borders Iowa and South Dakota. Gitchi Manitou State Preserve is on the River east of Sioux Falls. For more info on this beautiful park, go to:  Just south of Gitchi Manitou is the ancient Blood Run National Historic Landmark. For more on this fascinating place, go to :

9 Fall Sun This unbelievable reflection of the sun show the beauty of fall along the Big Sioux

Dirt bike riders; Size=240 pixels wide

Here I might describe the photo above.