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MEMBER:  anrichter

Tired of tiny text navigation? Want something a little more groovy for your site? Visit Andre's unassuming little virtual world and pick up some nice mouseover code, that is, after you've browsed the fun and funky navigations Andre cooks up when he's not out heating up the dance floor. When you're done "working", visit his links section and bone up on your JavaScript; learn good design by visiting the worst sites on the Web, or kick back with the adventures of "too much coffee man."

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Previously Featured Sites

The Dreaming City
MEMBER: thedreamingcity
Music, art, poetry. If you lived here, you'd be dreaming now.

Turtle Clipart and More
MEMBER: turtleclipartandmore
Do turtles get accused of being withdrawn? Fun facts and free clipart!

WebTV Made Simple
MEMBER: bingotammy0
Want the ultimate WebTV site? Check here for tips, links, and more!

Visual Basic Tutorial
MEMBER: vkliew
Programming made easy. Vkliew takes you on a guided tour of Visual Basic.

Break the Chain
MEMBER: breakthechain
Scams, urban legends, chain letters. John has the skinny on Web hoaxes.

Innovative Web Site Solutions
MEMBER: eflashbiz
Put away the P.O. Building a Flash site for your business is easy and affordable.

Sim's Creation Outlet
MEMBER: simpc
Next stop, the future. Sim, a designer, engineer, and inventor, showcases his visionary ideas.

HTML Help Online
MEMBER: srsmith
Frustrated by frames? Tied in knots over tables? Shirley can help you crack the code.

Software Developers
MEMBER: swdevelopers
Luigi assists expert and novice programmers alike with his comprehensive tutorials and tips.

Think Zinc for design. Her site is an "eclectic magazine" of cool art, free desktops, Flash fun.
MEMBER: ericssontones
OK, maybe you don't want Abba's "Dancing Queen" as your cell phone ring tone.

Draac's Free Gifs 123
MEMBER: gifs123
With his popular Tripod site, Dr. Draac has been coming to the aid of WebTV users for over two years. He's become somewhat of a WebTV hero.

Cygnus Designs
MEMBER: cygnus_4
When a disability cut Hélène's career short, she turned to the Web. See the fruits of her labor at her Tripod page.

The Wolf Den
MEMBER: BaddWolfette
After Beth met the BigBaddWolf at a chat party, she found he wasn't so Badd after all; now they're engaged. This is their story.

Delores' Place: Live Web Cam
MEMBER: DeloresPlace
When her family moved to other states — and even to Guam! — Delores set up a network of live cams to keep in touch.

Nightingail's Gallery
MEMBER: glenngail
Bored with her job, Nightingail switched careers, but without success. Find out how Tripod helped Nightingail find her calling!

MEMBER: pict100
Confines of reality got you down? Journey to imagined space and beyond in this cyberart studio.

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