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Subdomains FAQ

1. What is a subdomain?
A Tripod subdomain is an alternative way to access your member pages. The subdomain consists of your Tripod member name, followed by the Tripod domain name (, thus making your member name a "subdomain" of (i.e.,

2. How do I get a subdomain?
You already have it! By the time you've read this sentence, your member page will be accessible through (with a few exceptions).

3. Will my old URL still work?
Yes. Page visitors can access your Web site through both your old URL and your new subdomain.

4. How long will the old URL be active?
Your old URL will be active for as long as you have a page on Tripod. You will always be able to access your member page through your old URL.

5. My subdomain goes to a Tripod page, not to my member page. Why?
Sorry, but some Tripod subdomains are reserved for internal use.

6. I have an account with NameSecure. How will subdomains affect NameSecure's redirecting system?
NameSecure will still point to your URL. If you choose, you can submit your URL as the redirect.

7. Will this function work with WebTV?

8. Will dots (".") and dashes ("-") in member names affect the subdomain URL?
Yes, but only when a member name has two successive dots (for example, firstname..lamename). There's nothing we can do on the technical side to correct this. If a member name has a single dot or dash, the subdomain should work on most ISPs; however, there are ISPs running outdated Internet-resolution software that may not be able to read a subdomain that contains anything other than letters and numbers.

Keep in mind that while dots, dashes, and underscores do not generally present a problem, alphanumeric member names are the safest.

9. Are the addresses going to remain case-sensitive?
Case-sensitivity does not apply to subdomains, but it will continue to apply to your old URL.

10. Will my member name be changed by Tripod for any reason?

11. My page is listed with a number of search engines. Will Web surfers still be able to find my page?
Since your old URL will continue to work, your page should still be accessible through search engines. If a search engine has your old URL, it will continue to serve this URL to search queries. The same holds true for the subdomain. Your page will be accessible no matter which URL the search engine serves.

12. Will the default settings for my homepage (index.html) remain the same?
No changes will be made to default homepage settings.

13. When using either Microsoft FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 98, or Office 2000, I get an error when I try to upload my URL to Tripod. What should I do?
Use your old URL ( when you upload to Tripod using Microsoft FrontPage 2000. You should still be able to view your site, no matter what program was used to create it, using

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