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The Natural Setting


The Natural Setting
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Leif Ericson camp is located along the Big Sioux River in eastern Sioux Falls where 26th Street East meets the Big Sioux. It's 70 acres extend along the west side of the river for about a mile. The area is beautiful river forest and grassland with a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees. The evergreens are introduced species, while the deciduous are mostly native, including 100 foot cottonwoods that are over 140 years old. Many large Ash, Boxelder (Ashleaf Maple), Hackberry, Red and White Mulberry, and Maple. For information on large trees of S.D., go to: http://www.state.sd.us/doa/forestry/champion_trees.htm  Adjacent to the forest are grass areas of introduced and native grasses, swamp areas with swamp grasses, including cattail, canary grass, and others. The camp has four major islands, two which are developed for camp use. For more information and photos of the Big Sioux River, its beauty and wildlife, go to:http://sdww2heroes.tripod.com/zerrphotos

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Overnight trail - Sky from nature pond - View from Big Top bridge


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