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The Leaf That Blew


As I watch the leaves of fall

Sailing the wind, no port in sight.

Starting from the tree so tall

Flipping up as nature’s kite.





Catching bits of morning rays

Showing colors, each its own.

Sharing, lasting only days.

Ending where the winds have blown.


I wonder if it knew,

Far back in time,

 While on a branch it grew,

What holds for it, down the line?


Arms unfolding, grabbing light

Feeding mother as she grew.

Sleeping the haunting night.

Waking painted with crystal dew.


Dancing to the whistling tune

Of nature’s cooling breeze.

                              Letting loose to fly so soon.                             

Saying goodbye to the trees.


Falling, blowing, piling high,

Soon to be covered in the chilling white,

Of falling flurries from the sky

To sleep the winter’s night.


Never to wake and smell the glory

Of all that is spring and new.

‘Tis the end of this story

Of the leaf, that blew.




(Autumn, 2011, Sioux Falls, SD)


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